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Welcome to the Fool
"Everyone here shares one thing in common "MUSKIES"

""""Welcome to Muskiefool"""" Stop and take a minute to register check out the Forums ,Gallery, Games and links to some of North Americas best built hand crafted baits we hope you enjoy your visit. """"Welcome to Muskiefool"""" Stop and take a minute to register check out the Forums ,Gallery, Games and links to some of North Americas best built hand crafted baits we hope you enjoy your visit.

Remember To Practice C.P.R The Future Of Muskie Fishing Depends On "US" Fish Responsibly Remember To Practice C.P.R. The Future Of Muskie Fishing Depends On "US" Fish Responsibly

Dan Crooms with a "Jan's Rocks" 55 inch Giant

Epic Steve Voigt Release

Dave Overland with a late fall water release

Green Grass and Dead Lakes
NewsLake shores and water clarity There is a ever growing problem with a mental condition that can only be described in two words "The Lawn", I understand everyone wants to have a lush green paradise hearkening back to the Garden of Eden, but have you ever stopped to think about the ecological issues that come from mowing down to your shoreline at the lake, not leaving any buffer zone to the waters edge, or the real cost to nature when the guy comes pulling up with 5000 gallons of toxic chemicals created to grow grass and kill every broad leaf plant within your sanctuary. A U.S.G.S survey on one Wisconsin lake system showed that 4% of the water flowing into the system represented 50% of the total Phosphorous from all sources, fortunately we can do something to help this by adding deep rooted vegetation that helps aerate and enhance the natural filtration as opposed to shallow rooted grass that will also promote compacted soil and run off. If we consider that the average yard produces .2 pounds of phosphorus and that will produce 100 pounds of algae as opposed to a naturally vegetated shore that produces .03 pounds of phosphorus per year we can easily see the impact lake shore property has on water quality. between the chemical fertilizers, natural fertilizers, grass clippings, leaves blown into the lakes, all due to lack of buffers, we are generating algae blooms that could be slowed or stopped in many cases. So it's our choice as responsible conservationists, land owners and Fishermen to decide if we want lush green lawns and lakes with eroded shorelines form wind and wave action, or healthy clean lakes with natural habitat promoting Song bird’s, Shore birds, and Butterflies all while supporting natural spawning habitat for fish, turtles and amphibians. This problem is all our responsibility, no single source is the whole problem, we all have to do our part and if it means that our lawns suffer slightly to ensure we have quality water and wildlife for our future than we all have to be responsible stewards of the outdoors and put the Lakes and Rivers first. If you are interested in helping reduce the amount of phosphorous on your lake or in your area, I would encourage all of you to contact your local Soil and Water Department, Pollution Control Agency and D.N.R. to find out what programs and resources are available, you may also be available to help restore one of these areas by volunteering your time to promote clean air, water, and show the local agencies and the general public that Muskie fishermen will do all we can to ensure that the next generation has better water and better fishing than ever before. John Underhill Half Crazed Release Zealot of the Sacred Cowz
Posted by muskiefool on Tuesday, January 15 @ 19:52:47 CST (1322 reads)
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